Informational Brochures & Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets & Brochures

 38 Point Checklist for Selecting Quality Child Care

Child Care – What Are the Options?

Dangers of Sun Exposure -Summer is a great time to get children outdoors and exercising. Precautions required!!

Engaging Fathers – Parenting as Partners Resource Guide

New Crib Safety Standards – What you should know from the Consumer Product Safety Commission – Is YOUR crib on the recall list?

IRS Tip Sheet on claiming the Child Care Tax Credit

Literacy for ALL Ages

Pledge to “Look Before You Lock” -The Administration for Children and Families has posted a voluntary pledge for parents and providers to Look Before You Lock.

Medication Storage Safety Tip Sheet  

Tantrums: How to Deal With Them

Ticks!!! A Quick & Easy Way to Remove Them!

Toilet Training Tips

Below are some informative brochures on your childs’

Physical Health & Well Being

Cognitive Development

Social Emotional Development

Approaches to Learning

Printing and Folding Guide: Refer to your printer’s instructions on how to print the PDF on both sides of the paper. After the sheet has printed, hold it so that the “Things You Can Do…” side is facing up. Fold the sheet in half, the left side over the right, so that you are now looking at the “Think with me!” and “Be curious about the world with your child…” pages. Open the sheet again and fold each end inwards until the edges of the paper meet right at the middle crease you just made; press down to make these two additional creases. You now have a brochure that opens in two steps. If you have printed on 8×11 paper, you may want to trim the top and bottom edges of the blank white space. The brochure is designed to be held and read in your hands, or kept open if you would prefer to display the recommended “Things You Can Do…” spread on your wall or refrigerator.

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