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Take the Sting out of Biting- The Administrator’s Role in Stopping Biting Before it Starts

Presented by: Lisa Poelle
Date: January 22, 2014
Time: 2:00 Eastern Time
Cost: FREE
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Spring Webinar series for educators who are supporting dual language learners

Language in Play: Introduction to the Early English Language Development (E-ELD) Standards

Description: This webinar will provide a more in-depth view of each component of the E-ELD Standards Framework. Each component will be reviewed and implications for use as well as implementation in various early education and care programs will be discussed.

Logistics: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 3:00-4:00p.m. Eastern Time

Audience: Massachusetts Early Education and Care educators and providers and others interested in supporting DLLs

Registration: If you are interested, please register here

Understanding Language Growth:  The E-ELD Performance Definitions

Description: This webinar will provide a detailed examination of the Performance Definitions.

Topics include:
o             Foundational concepts and research that guided development of the Performance Definitions;
o             Similarities and differences with WIDA’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 English Language Development (ELD) Standards Framework; and
o             Considerations for use of the Performance Definitions in planning curriculum and monitoring growth of early English language development.

Logistics: Thursday, March 27, 2014, 3:00-4:00p.m. Eastern Time

Audience: Massachusetts Early Education and Care educators and providers and others interested in supporting DLLs

Registration: If you are interested, please register here

Playing with Language: Understanding and Using the Model Performance Indicator (MPI) Strands

Description: This webinar will build a deeper understanding of the MPI strands.

Topics include:
o             The connection between the Early English Language Development (E-ELD) Standards and the MPIs;
o             Identifying elements of a MPI strand;
o             Using MPI strands in everyday practice; and
o             Implications for instruction and assessment.

Logistics: Thursday, April 10 2014, 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m. Central Time, 3:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Audience: Massachusetts Early Education and Care educators and providers and others interested in supporting DLLs

Registration: If you are interested, please register here

Free Webinar – Safe  Sleep
 Webinar Archive
The Safe Sleep Webinar provides insight to recent SIDS research, the important role of child care providers, AAP recommendations for safe sleep, review and explanation of crib regulations, and available resources.Join Healthy Child Care America for:
• How to establish safe sleep practices
• Definition of SIDS and sleep-related deaths
• Established risk factors and how to reduce them
• Description of current recommendations and Safe Sleep Policy
• CPSC Crib Regulations
• Partners and resources
Free Webinars – Using Census Data:
Part 1 – Getting a Demographic Profile of Your Community – Webinar Archive
Part 2 – Creating a Demographic ProfileWebinar Archive
Free Webinar – Smart Start – Improving Student Achievement Through Healthy Habits
Webinar Archive
A balanced diet and exercise are pieces of the puzzle. Sleep, good hygiene, emotional maintenance, and safety contribute to student achievement. Join pediatrician Mary L. Gavin, MD, to learn how healthy habits can motivate students, prepare them to learn, and help them build positive relationships in the classroom and at home.
Free Webinar- No More Spaces- How to Attract More Families to Your ECE Program in Our Digital Economy
Webinar Archive
Are you a child care director or owner who struggles with using technology in your marketing to attract new families to your program? Join Kris Murray, President of Child Care Marketing Solutions, as she reveals proven strategies for how to effectively attract and enroll Millennial Moms in today’s digital economy & “How to harness the power of online and digital technology to reach more prospects and customers”.
 Free Webinar – Quality ECE Inclusion Programs for ALL Children: Operating Standards for High Quality Inclusive Child Care
Webinar Archive
Providing responsive early childhood programs for children with a range of abilities is a daily challenge for administrators and teachers. Recognizing the need for clear guidance and practical strategies, Easter Seals developed The Operating Standards and a toolkit for ECE professionals in an effort to increase both the quality and quantity of inclusive childcare. 
Free Webinar Modern ECE Professional Learning Communities: A Case Study from Mind in The Making with Ellen Galinsky
Webinar Archive
In this session, Ellen will share what she has learned about Professional Learning Communities, and show you how your organization can replicate some of these models to use Mind in the Making in your community or organization. The session will also include live testimonials from early childhood professionals who have lead some of these innovative initiatives.   Ellen has invited many of the participants in the MTM professional learning communities to join the session to share their experiences.

Free Webinar – Leadership Development for Educators – View Webinar Archive 

Free Webinar – Ensuring Family Engagement within the Help Me Grow System – View Webinar Archive here

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Free Webinars for Non-Profits Presents – Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant – What Does it Mean to Me?a pre-recorded webinar on the federal Race to the Top grant and how it can impact you.

Bullying: What School, Student, and Other Characteristics Are Associated with Increased Reporting?    Webinar Archive

Developing Preschool Language and Literacy   Webinar Archive   This webinar presents research and strategies specifically targeted at developing language and literacy skills at the preschool level.

Transition to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics   Webinar Archive

Free Online – Let’s Move! Child Care – Train the Trainer Webinar

To view this free online webinar, please click here: The purpose of this webinar is to train state and community level personnel on the Let’s Move! Child Care tools available for child care providers and families in their communities The Let’s Move! Child Care Train the Trainer webinar will provide an:

• Overview of the Steps of the Let’s Move! Child Care Initiative
• Explanation of the Let’s Move Checklist and Quizzes
• Illustration on how to the use of Action Planning tools

Let’s Move State Challenge

Lets Move! Child Care – Checklist Quiz

Healthy Habits for Life Resource Kit

Improving Reading Comprehension from Pre-K through Grade 3 – Webinar Archive

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