Professional Qualifications Registry

 Educators can access the Registry by clicking here !!


Licensing regulations require all EEC approved educators in family child care and small and large group programs to be registered at the Professional Qualifications Registry (PQR.)  A licensee is not considered registered until all of their staff has registered.


The Registry will allow educators to maintain their own individual professional profile online while enhancing EEC’s knowledge of the needs of the Commonwealth’s early education and care and out-of-school time workforce. 


EEC is updating the application to allow Educators to renew their Registration starting in January 2012. The first improvements to the PQ Registry have been released at

 In this release you will find that:  Your Renewal Date has been extended to 01/01/2012 if your Registration Renewal was due on or before 12/31/2011.

Educators whose Registration Status is “Pending” will be welcomed by instructions on how to complete their registration. They will also receive an email reminding them to complete their registration.

PQ Registry administrators who have program staff with a Registration Status of “Pending” will be welcomed by instructions to help them work with their staff to complete their registrations.

Administrators will also receive an email if they have program staff whose status is “Pending.”

Educators whose Registration Status is “Pending” will have a new Educator Profile Summary page that allows them to track their progress as they visit each page to complete their registration.

Collection of salary data has been made easier on the Add Work Experience/Update Work Experience page by using a drop-down list of salary ranges rather than complicated text boxes.

And more PQ Registry improvements are coming soon!