Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge

 The Commonwealth has submitted its application for the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge, a $500 million national competition sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services to encourage states to develop bold and comprehensive plans for improving the quality of early learning programs across the nation. The Commonwealth’s proposal, From Birth to School Readiness: Massachusetts Early Learning Plan, 2012-2015, will advance the Patrick-Murray Administration’s goal of ensuring that all children, particularly high-needs children, have access to quality pre-K education that will put them on an early path to success. The Massachusetts Early Learning Plan supports the Administration’s commitment to creating a comprehensive, child-centered education system extending from birth to post-secondary studies, one that is necessary for students to be ready for success in the 21st century. Massachusetts is eligible for $50 million in federal funding under the Early Learning Challenge. Grant awardees are expected to be announced no later than December 31, 2011.

Link to  Massachusetts’ Early Learning Plan

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