Free On-line QRIS Trainings

Available in English & Spanish

Wheelock College has launched a new online course designed for early childhood educators interesting in moving up levels in the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s new Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). This course provides information about the purpose of QRIS, the levels of QRIS, and measurement tools for children and programs that are part of the system.

This course is free for all educators to obtain professional development.  Educators wishing to take this course for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will have a small fee attached.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide early education and out of school time educators with an introduction to the Massachusetts Quality Rating Improvement (QRIS) System. The first two-hour module of the course will introduce the QRIS and explore the current science of brain development. The next four modules will introduce the five categories of the QRIS Standards and the tools that measure process and structural quality indicators. The final module will cover how to apply this knowledge to an early education or out of school time program to identify areas for program improvement.

Click below to register:

Foundations of the Massachusetts QRIS; English

Foundations of the Massachusetts QRIS; Spanish

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19 Responses to Free On-line QRIS Trainings

  1. Kiyana Taylor says:

    I was interested in the Qris free training in English

  2. Foundation of Massachusset QRIS: Spanish

  3. Corrine says:

    Hi Figueroa:

    To register for the on-line work shop, you must use the link provided and go through the Wheelock site. We cannot register you. E-mail me at if I can be of any assistance.


  4. Corrine says:

    Dear Kiyana:

    To register for the training, please use the link provide in post. It will bring you directly to the Wheelock web site where you can sign-up. If you need any further assistance, please let me know.


  5. Kim Livingston says:

    I am having a hard time accessing this link. I registered at the wheelock site but i am unsure of what to do next? If you can help me I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

  6. Corrine says:

    Hi Kim:

    When you are on the course home page , in the left hand column is a list that includes links to each of the Modules. So for example, if you click on Module 1, it will bring you to this page:
    On that page are the instructions to complete Module 1 – “To receive credit for EEC professional development hours for licensing or for grant purposes for module one, you must take the quiz at the end of this module. Please remember to enter your name and correct information into the end of module quiz. Note: In order to successfully view most of the documents below, you will need the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download the latest version, go here:

    Then, under these instructions are some links – 1 is to begin the narrated presentation, another is a link to the quiz so you can get Professional Development credit, another is for handouts, etc.

    Hope this helps.

    Let me know.


  7. Kim says:


    Thank you so much I do appreciate it I know now where I was going wrong. Is there a time in which this needs to be completed by? And are the certs given out after each module is completed?

    I appreciate your quick response

    Thank you

  8. Corrine says:

    Hi Kim:

    The certificates should be available for printing as soon as you complete the quiz after each Module. I didn’t design the course, but this is how many of them work. Make sure and enter your contact information at the end of the quiz.

    As to deadline, the only thing I know is that the courses are required for QRIS Program Improvement Grant funding. I do not know if there is a deadline. As far as I know, these courses will continue to be avaialble for everyone else with no deadline.

    Hope that helps.


  9. Donna says:

    what is the difference in the course requirements between professional development and CEU’s?

  10. Corrine says:

    Hi Donna:

    There is a fee for the CEUs and the Professional Development credits are free. Wheelock can best detail what the total costs are to you, but if you are just looking for Professional Development hours to meet licensing and already have a college degree, then just taking the course for the PDs should be fine.


  11. Corrine says:

    Hi Marsha:

    You will need to contact Wheelock directly about that. They should have a TA section on their web site. I will look and post a link here.


  12. Corrine says:

    Hi Marsha:

    Here is the information for Wheelock Technical Assistance on the QRIS modules.

    “For technical assistance, contact Be sure to describe your problem in detail and include your name and contact information in the e-mail.”


  13. I do not have a computer that can run the small tape you have connected to the modules.
    Is there a paper file available to read along?

    Can you help point me in the right direction for the EEC QRIS Registry?

    Thank you in advance,



  14. Corrine says:

    You can find the EEC Registry at:

    Hope this is what you were looking for.


  15. Cibele says:

    thanks for such wonderful information…keep posting more…

  16. Aline Nery says:


    My name is Aline and i have done several Portuguese models for QRIS and I am wondering how do I turn these hours into college credits.


    -Aline Nery

  17. Corrine says:

    Hi Aline:

    Wheelock is the entity that will be granting the CEUs, so I would contact them. I was able to find this information for you:

    “If you would like to receive notification about when the PDP/CEU version of the course modules becomes available, complete our information request form You will be notified by email when the registration is available. Please note that there will be a one-time $35 registration and statement of credit fee for the PDP/CEU version of the course.”

    Hope that helps.


    me gustaria que alguien me ayude o me diga como introducir los entrenamiendos al qris

  19. Corrine says:

    Estimada María:

    Trate de ponerse en contacto con el CCR & r en su área ya que pueden tener formación sobre este tema. Puede también derivarlo a la agencia apropiada si no lo hacen.

    Usted puede encontrar su CCR & r haciendo clic aquí:


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