Free Webinar – Preschool Language & Literacy

  Developing Preschool Language and Literacy

Free Webinar on October 25, 2011 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM – Register Here

 With states and jurisdictions across the country increasingly emphasizing reading proficiency in the primary grades, the development of preschool literacy skills has become an important topic to education stakeholders. And as states develop new policies and practices around preschool literacy, policymakers and practitioners need an understanding of the research on early literacy to inform their work.

This webinar will present research and strategies specifically targeted at developing language and literacy skills at the preschool level. Keynote speaker Dr. Timothy Shanahan will provide an overview of the research findings from the National Early Literacy Panel’s 2008 report, “Developing Early Literacy,” and share practical recommendations for education leaders and early childhood education practitioners, including those presented on the Preschool Language and Literacy section of the Doing What Works website. Three panelists will join Dr. Shanahan in a facilitated Q&A session to deepen participants’ understanding of the research and recommendations.

Sponsored by The Regional Educational Laboratory – Northeast & Islands – a program of the US Department of Education.

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