USDA Fruit & Veggie Video Challenge

Teachers & educators – show YOUR ideas that have made healthier food options available to the children in YOUR programs!!!

The MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge will award $9,000 in total prizes in three video categories, including three First Prize Winners, who will each receive $1,500; three Second Prize Winners, who will each receive $1,000; and three Popular Choice Winners, who will each receive $500. Winners will be featured on the website and potentially also on partner websites.

The competition is open to individuals and teams of individuals who are residents of the United States and its territories. Video submissions must be approximately 30 seconds long and must be accompanied by a text description of what the entrant(s) did to increase fruits and vegetables in their diets, as well as a transcript of the video. Submit application

Team members must be at least 18, but your video can include minors under 18 as long as the necessary consent forms are provided. (“Team members” do not include people who appear in the video but don’t make any other contributions to the submission.) For details on eligibility, review the Official Rules.

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